Sunday, November 18, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 152 & 153

Working hard this weekend, and finally have time to sit down and do my nails! I asked on my FB page what colors I should do. I got a few suggestions with a metallic color and purple. I was going to do both, but got tricked by one color in the bottle!!
Brand: Funky Fingers
Name:Monster Ballad
pigment: a metallic pink
price: $ 3/ $5.00

 Here we have a simple pink metallic polish. This polish had wonderful coverage on the first coat! To play it safe I hit my nails with another coat, ya never know!
 I haven't stopped into a Five Below in a while, I know they change the colors up now and again. Maybe if I get some free time I'll hop down to one and check out their color selection. Such a great price on a very great polish line.

Name: After Hours
pigment: a deep teal that looks purple in the bottle
price: $4.99

 This color sooooo tricked me. In the bottle it looks like a seductive deep purple, when I went to do my first coat I was shocked to see it was really a deep blue/teal color.
 You can even see in this photo, the color in the bottle looks purple! I've never run into a polish that looked like a different color in the bottle, and turned out out be totally different (until now) Also it was a bit on the thin side for coverage. As you can see some of the polish dried thin, and can really be seen with the flash of my camera.
 I wanted to mix another color in, but didn't have a lot of time for my nails to dry. So I decided to hit it with a crackle top coat from Pure Ice called Crushed. A semi metallic orange color that I think works well with the deep teal.
 I also hit it with a matte top coat. I don't know why, but when I use crackle I like to have it be matte and not glossy, am I the only one that likes that finish on crackle?
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