Monday, November 19, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 154

 I just didn't know what color to wear today, so I was a rebel and just picked out a random bottle and ened up with Jessica polish. Now I've had a few of them on the sheer side on polish, and this color is one of them. Also to keep the look simple but playful I hit it with some mixed glitters and a matte top coat.
Brand: Jessica
Name: De-Lovely
pigment: a sheer magenta bordering on red
price: $ $9.99 ( 5pc set)

 This is after 3 coats, still sheer but has a lovely shine.
 In the bottle it looks magenta, but on the nails it looks more red. This is the 2nd bottle that I've used that the color looks one way and dries another, I just can't win this week.
 I used  Tazmanian Devil by Confetti to perk this look up, and also to make it more subdued I hit it with a sleek matte top coat finish.
I love  how the matte finish makes the color look more opaque, calms it down a little and helps the glitter stand out! I'm very tempted to start some Christmas inspired nails, but I am trying my best to hold off until after Thanks giving!!
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