Thursday, November 22, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 155-157

Here is today's triple threat! I enjoyed sleeping in today, so delicious food and some great football! I'm back home with leftovers and some new nail polish colors.

Name:  Punk
coats: 2
pigment: a light metallic green
price: $2.00
I only put 2 coats of this polish on to make sure I had a background color, but it wouldn't take away from the design I wanted.
This is a beautiful light metallic green polish. I found this at Job Lots during the summer.

To make this design a little more festive I made a simple and adorable turkey on my ring finger. I used a dotting tool to make this design. For the Feathers i used Pure Ice En Vogue and Vintage Glam. I also used Wet N' Wild  I Red A Good Book . for the body I used Loreal's Devotion. I think the look came out so cute! It was super easy too.
Brand: Barielle
Name: Provocative
pigment: a light pink
price: $ $9.99 ( 5pc set)

I was feeling a natural color, and this totally made that happen. This is such a sweet and soft pink with wonderful smooth coverage.
 I almost did some nail stamping on it, but held off. This creamy pink  looked lovely by itself so I held off doing anything to it.
Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Grecian Sun
pigment: a medium gray blue color
price: $1.99

Here I used a simple blue with a bit of a gray undertone to it. Sinful Colors released this color as part of a summer display this year. I remember scooping it up!

I took that color and turned it into adorable penguins! One of my friends sent me a photo suggesting the design. I've seen it before and held off for colder weather to pull off this look. Well I had no excuse, it's cold and it's the perfect time for these lil guys to be shown off! I used Sally Hansen's White On for the tummy, and Wet N' Wild Sunny Side up for the feet and beak.
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