Thursday, October 4, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 107

  I love fall, I think I've said that for the past month. So today I did a ombre candy corn design!  I put down a coat of white to give my nails a base color. Then I sponged on orange, yellow and white on each nail, cleaned them up and here they are!
Brand: L.A. Colors
Name:no name
pigment: a simple white
price: $1.99
 One coat of white, sheer and streaky, but I didn't need full coverage to get this look going
 I told a coworker that I was going to do this design and they said it sounds cute, and sure enough it is!
 For the yellow I used Sally Hansens Lightening, great full coverage from the Insta-dri line
 For the orange I used Sally Hansens Orange Impulse for opaque coverage.

This design was so simple to get and super easy to achieve. The biggest pain was the clean up, but it was worth it for this adorable seasonal design!
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