Wednesday, October 31, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 130-134

Hey everyone! Sorry for the leave but there was a family emergency. No major details other than I'm back! And I'm ready to make up my 4 missed days up to you in 1 major post! I hope you enjoy!

Brand: Loreal
Name:High Tide
coats: 2
pigment: a light blue with a white shimmer undertone
price: $2.00
 I found a few bottles of Loreal polish at my local Job Lots and picked up 4 out of 6 colors they had. This is one of them. I've noticed they got rid of the square brush handles, so they keep popping up at discount retailers, and well I really don't mind!
 Looking at this color I should have hit it with one more coat, it goes on a bit thin but becomes more opaque with the 2nd coat. Something drew me to this color, so creamy with that shimmer I just couldn't resist!

Name: Coral Starfish
coats: 3
pigment: a simple sparkle orange
price: $2.00

 Another one of the colors I discovered on my trip to Job Lots. This polish did apply very thin, but has a beautiful medium orange tone with orange and yellow sparkles.
 I think this was from an old summer collection that came out, not sure but the name suggests that it is.
 I took one of my crafting scissors and put it diagonally across my nails and hit it with Sally Hansen's Oxblood to mix the deep red with the fresh orange color
 I really like how this look came out, the Oxblood did stain my skin a little but I think I'll live ;D

Brand:Wet N' Wild
Name: Deadly Does
coats: 2
pigment: a metallic copperish gold
price: $.99 (on sale)
This color is from WNW's Halloween polish collection from this year. I was VERY lucky to find all colors at my store while they were on sale for $.99 each!
 This color is beautiful. It looks gold and copper all at once. The metallic reflection in this color is just beautiful.
I did an ombre look with Sally Hansen's Oxblood (can you tell I like that color?) I think the fading effect looks awesome with a tone of purple in between the two fading colors. My only compliant is that for some reason a lot of air bubbles formed on the nail and them have an odd bumpy texture even after putting on some topcoat to smooth the design out.

 Does matter, this manicure came out so beautiful with the color combination, I don't mind the bubbles

Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Black Platinum
coats: 3
pigment: a metallic black, I wanna call it gun metal
price: $.95 (clearance and coupon)
 Oh yes, we all know that this line went on clearance at Walgreens (not sure about other retailers) but I hopped on this sale! I think I ended up picking up like 6 bottles I want to say. This color caught my eye, a beautiful deep gun metal black with a grayish shimmer
 This color is deep, dark and mysterious. It went on extremely sheer on the first coat (worried a bit about that) but then by the 3rd coat I had full coverage. I know they're going to improve the formula for this line, I just hope they improve the price as well. $8.99 a bottle (where I live) was a bit to much, on occasion it would go on sale for like 2/$10 but still more than I like to spend. I'll be keeping a look out at my local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Job Lots and Ocean State to  possibly find more colors of the "old" formula at a more reasonable price. 
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