Tuesday, October 16, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 119

I wanted to try to mix my own glitter polish to make a fun and adorable top coat.  I have a ton of different texture glitters, so I decided to to and make my own. I used  deep and beautiful green as a base color. It reminds me of the deep colors of fall, with some pops of brighter colors with the glitter.
Brand: Revlon
Name: Moss
coats:  2
pigment:a deep and gray tinted green
price: $2.99 (3pc set)

 This was a mini bottle I got in a 3 pc set a while back. I think I got the set for this color

 such a tiny bottle! But such a beautiful color
 Here is my glitter polish! I used black and orange hexagon glitters and some black strip glitter.
I think the glitter gave this a totally fall feel, and I just love how all the colors work together so well! I must admit the polish is a bit thin, but I guess I can leave the bottle open for a bit to let it thicken up.
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