Saturday, October 6, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 109

 So I picked up two bottles of loose glitter off of a Wet N' Wild display in my store. I couldn't resist the glitter and how beautifully it reflected, thin but not as thin as a pigment powder but not super chunky...somewhere in the middle. So I took one my of polishes I got on clearance and added it to the bottle, and this is what I got
Name: Blue Glitz
coats: 4
pigment: a very thin light blue, with added glitter
price: $.99
 This ended up being a super thin polish, this coverage was 4 coats and it could use maybe 2 more.
I should have used a base color, but by the time I put the first coat down it was to late. This frankenpolish if you want to call it that came out beautiful. Add glitter to anything to make it amazing ;D
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