Thursday, October 11, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 114

I wanted a deep red, but I also wanted to do more nail stamping. So I went with a deep and creamy red from Loreal called Owl's Lust (from an older collection with the squared handle brushes) and decided to go with a design I almost always skip over...animal print. i had a coworker yesterday ask me to do an animal print.  Looking at the design now I can say it was a good choice. I went this a metallic gold to help the stamp stand out from this deep and luscious red.

Name:  Owl's Lust
coats:  2
pigment:a deep and creamy burgundy
price: $1.50 

 I feel like I am wear red wine on my nails. See my poor middle finger? That is what I get for working in retail, grown back soon little buddy!
 I found this color in a Job Lots a while back. Loreal changed the bottle handles from square to round and I'm guessing sold off the old square tops to bulk retailers.

Here are my zebra gold nails. Its kinda hard to take photos of metallic polish without having the flash drown the color out. The photos I took just don't serve the look justice!  I like how it does stand out but at the same time it's not flashy.

Also I used Bundle Monster plate 223 with my little round stamper and scraper I got off of ebay. For the zebra stripes I used Sally Hansen's Golden-I.  I'm just about to head into work, I hope my coworker enjoys my animal print nails ;D
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