Wednesday, October 10, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 113

So I wanted a quick and simple Halloween-ish kind of nail. Well bring on the crackle polish! I've enjoyed crackle polish for a long time, it turns any plain color into a mosaic type of look. It is also very helpful if you don't have that steady of hand, art skills or in my case a lot of time to do nails. I grabbed this delightfully bright green. It's been a while since I've rocked green nails. Well I went and put black polish to give it a Frankenstein like look in just a few coats of polish. 
Brand: Pure Ice
Name:  Wild Thing
coats:  2
pigment:a bright lime green
price: $1.99
 Simple enough. This green is bright, creamy and very eye catching. Almost to the point of being neon and perfect for a cute Halloween season nail

One coat of Pure Ice crackle polish called Strobe Light and a quick dry top coat you have a quick and simple Halloween design. I love painting crackle polish on and watching it go to work right in front of you! I was thinking of making a Frankenstein design with crackle as his hair...I might try this on a day I have a lot of free time.
Have you been getting into the Halloween spirit? Any nail designs you want to share or suggest?
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