Tuesday, October 23, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 126

 I wanted a bright color today. Something that stood out, but not to the point of being neon. Oddly enough I reached for Milani's NEON line, and was happy to see that it dried a bit darker than the color looks like on the bottle. It also dried more blue than teal, and I'm ok with that. I also wanted to play around with my stamping plates again. My only problem I ran into was when I put my topcoat on the plate image smeared a bit.
Brand:  Milani
Name: Fresh Teal
coats: 2
pigment: a simple teal leaning more to the blue side
price: $4.99
 You can see the difference in the dried polish and the bottle color. It looks blue, but the bottle looks teal. Not really true to color, but still beautiful

 I used image plate BM-208 and Ebony Hates Chris from Wet N' Wild to make this unique looking design
I love how it looks, but with the flash on you can see how the top coat make the polish streak down the nail. Under room lighting without flash it looks fine. Reminds me of shattered glass.
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