Monday, October 22, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 125

So I wanted to try a metallic crackle out again. From what I've tried before it worked half the time. So I did a black base color using Orly Black Vinyl, shook my bottle well and then hit it with the metallic top coat. Now I did make a great effort to apply a thin coat. Now I was happy to see that it worked ! A beautiful mix of black and metallic silver came out so beautiful!

Brand:  Pure Ice
Name: Lightening Strikes
coats: 1
pigment:silver crackle
price: $1.99 (2pc set on clearance)

 My silky base color of Black Vinyl
 I only have a few colors by Orly, but from what I've used I liked!
 This crackle did not let me down! I love watching this polish dry slowly and work it's magic!
I got this polish a while back on clearance in a double pack. I love finding great deals on polish. I love it a bit more when I find a great deal on a beautiful color with a crackle polish to go with it! Pure Ice has been treating me so well!
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