Sunday, October 14, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 117

You ever see a polish and love it, then see the price and hold off? Well I was very good and held off of the $8.99 bottle of polish since the beginning of summer when I spotted this color at my store. I would walk by it all the time, and almost bought it with another color when they were on sale 2/$10. But still, it seemed like a lot of money for Sally Hansen. Well my waiting paid off, because the whole line is being reissued so all the old formula got put to CLEARANCE! Oh happy day! I picked a few bottles up including this gorgeous blue. They're marked down to $2.29, plus my discount and a coupon came to a very reasonable (and awesome) $0.95 . I even gave a few coworkers some coupons...well onto the polish!

Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Petrol
coats:  2
pigment:a dark and mysterious blue
price: $0.95 (clearance, discount and coupon)

 how beautiful is this color? So deep and glossy, so glad I finally got this polish!!
 Yeah, I normally don't do 2 bottle shots...but my gosh LOOK AT THAT SHINE!!!

I played around with my plates again. Putting a random line across my nails a few times.

Looks a bit on the abstract art kinda side, and I like it! I used Sally Hansen Pink Satin to make the lines stand out against this dark blue. I am so pleased how this design turned out ^_^
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