Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gradient Candy Corn Nails Tutorial

So I got a huge response to the ombre/ gradient this is how I do them:

you will need:
a makeup sponge
 white polish
Yellow opaque polish
orange opaque polish
top coat (I use quick drying top coat)
nail polish remover

make sure the sponge is a little bit bigger than your longest nail
always use a base, it will help the polish stick to the nail
I don't paint the sponge, I paint 3 lines and dip my sponge in it
the top coat will help the polish blend and smooth out
Do one nail at a time, trust me on this
took me 2 times to get this down, but it's fun and easy
use an opaque polish for full coverage, one that is a bit thick or has great pigment

 Start off with a base coat, let dry and apply a white polish (does not have to be full coverage)

 This is my paint pallet. It's just a plastic cover I had lying around. I suggest a plastic plate or bowl. Lay the colors down in a row next to each other so they almost blend.  Again cut the sponge a little longer than your longest finger nail
 Here is my sponge dipped in the blending polishes, as you can see it blends on the sponge so it will blend like this on the nail. I sponge from side to side, you can move the sponge up or down to blend a little bit more if you'd like

 This is after one coat, I re-dipped my sponge and went over the nail again. As you can see you will need nail polish remover and Qtips for clean up.

 This is after two applications. I used Sally Hansens Insta-dri because it has wonderful pigments and gets great coverage even in thin layers. I also hit it with a top coat to help it blend a bit, smooth out and dry fast
After I dipped my Qtip in nail polish remover and cleaned around the nail
And here you go! Simple cute and easy candy corn nails!! Please, please PLEASE show me if you do this, I'd love to see your designs!

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  1. Hi, I'm a new follower and I LOVE the concept for your blog :). I'm obsessed with drugstore nail polish and hate spending more than $3 for a bottle :P.

    These candy corn nails are adorable! And I love the gradient idea, so unique.