Wednesday, September 5, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 78

 It was raining again today! The weather sometimes helps me pick out a color for the day or inspire a design. I wanted a blue with something else going on. So I grabbed this lovely baby blue (borders on a teal kinda) and hit it with a black crackle coat to show brightness shining through darkness!

Brand:Funky Fingers
Name:Mrs. Mint
coats:  3
pigment: a baby blue almost bordering on a teal
price:$ $1.00 (clearance) 

 This color is so beautiful! It was a little thin so it did require three coats for full coverage.
It did dry a bit darker than the bottle looks, but some of the Funky Fingers polishes tend to do that.

I added my favorite crackle over the blue. Pure Ice black crackle is my favorite! I get a great result every time!
I really like how this came out. I almost wanted to do a dark blue crackle but couldn't find one that I thought I picked up. Oh well, this design turned out awesome!
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