Monday, September 3, 2012

craft store haul!

Hey everyone! As promised I have my little haul to post that I mentioned yesterday. I went to The Dollar Tree store and Michael's Crafts. I grabbed some surprise finds and a much needed storage case, and an awesome clearance find too! Onto the photos!

 First off are these loose glitter sets! I found them at Dollar Tree and couldn't leave without them! The only thing that made me hesitate was the ever important question "where am I going to store them?" The pouches don't reseal. I bought them anyways knowing a craft store visit needed to happen soon.
 Off to Michael's I went yesterday in search of a storage case. I hit up the beading section and found this 25pc set that had sealing jars in a plastic container. Also the Michael's app had a 50% off a regular priced item, so this cause was less than $5.00 after the coupon! I have a feeling this one is going to fill up fast
Also another great find was the Ditto multi-glitter sets I found in this update a while back. This time I found them in a different location for $1.99 (clearanced) plus the android app had another 15% off! I grabbed 2 blue packs because I liked the color so much. I was so happy to find the red, green and blue to join my collection of pink and purple.
 I'm starting to learn that craft store and nail art go together very well. A lot of craft supplies work well with nail art or creating some kind of nail art. I also picked up a set of brushes but didn't take a photo of them (leave me be, I was tired) Today's polish will be coming up soon.
I hope you enjoyed my lil haul

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