Thursday, September 6, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 79

 I gave fall leaves a try. The end result to me came out a bit meh. I should have used my shiny rhinestones, but last minute decided to go with matte pearls instead. I also mixed two colors to create a copper-ish tone for the background color. Maybe I need more color interspersion from the leaves (they have yet to change up here) Well this is my first try for a fall nail, I still have a whole season to go!
Brand:Sinful Colors
Name: Zincing Of You
coats:  2
pigment: a rose copper pigment
price:$ $1.99
 A beautiful rose-copper pigment. Has great coverage and beautiful reflection it it. The polish covered in 2 coats.
 Next I hit it with L.A. Colors Gold Nugget to give it a bit of an orange tone to it. I didn't take a photo of the two colors together, but as you can see it did change the base color

 Next I took a brush and drew a branch using Confetti Moonstruck going across the nail. After that I added my tear shaped pearls onto the nail.

 End result. Again I think the rhinestones might have stuck out a bit more, but I did have more colors in the pearls. It's cute , but again one one of my top designs.
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