Saturday, September 15, 2012

Craft store goodies

So I never really connected nail art to crafting until recently, and well since I've made this connection I've been buying more supplies from craft stores. I must admit it started with the crafting scissors and has increased in supplies and has me thinking of new designs and techniques. Here are my most recent goodies!

 First off is a great find I found at (not a full craft store but sells crafts) Wal-Mart. I was walking around and stumbled upon these mini hole punches for Halloween! These are just what I had in mind, but I couldn't find them at Michael's, Joann's or A.C. Moore. These were located in the scrap booking section of the store (just put up it looks like) for the oh so reasonable price of $.97 each! I have plans on using these for the next few months! They had a total of 4 different hole punches in the shape of a bat, cat, pumpkin and skull.
 On a trip to Michael's I found this 6pc set and passed it up. A few days later I decided I did want it, and scooped it up for the fantastic price of $4.00 with a store coupon! This set has glitter bats, cats, pumpkins and hexagon glitters in orange, black and white.
 Also at Michael's I found a glitter foil leaf 12pc set on sale for $15.00 . I was going to buy this set online, but after a quick look on my phone I quickly found this was the most reasonable price (no need for shipping) with the set ranging from $15-$25 not even calculating the shipping in.

 Again Michael's was having a sale for half off of the bead cases that I turned into my new glitter cases. I took all my loose glitters from their bottles or container and put them in stack-able plastic holders. 
I bought 2 containers that were $4.49 each with a sale going on last week. I'm glad I grabbed 2 of them because it was just enough to fit all of my loose glitters.

And this is my first glitter container I bought a few weeks back. I wanted to pick up more of these, but then figured the stack-able containers made more sense and took up less room and seem friendlier if I need to bring them with me.
I can't wait to start using some of my new goodies! Do you use craft accessories to finish up your nail art? Any suggestions? I'm really looking forward to using the hole punchers! All this glitter too, so excited! I hope you all enjoyed my haul, see you with an update later today!

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