Friday, September 7, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 80

So sometimes I ask my coworkers what color I should paint my nails. I have one coworker that always says pink, you never do pink! So I gave her pink overload (and she loved it) Now I had to get some other color into it too. I added laces to the design to make it look like a corset or a sneaker (I left it up to your imagination)  Another coworker pointed that out and like that part about the design, shall we?
Brand:Sally Hansen
Name: Sonic Bloom
coats:  2
pigment: a bright pink pigment
price:$ $3.00

 This color (in dim lighting) comes off like a red, but you probably can't tell from the photo with a flash showing off the hot pink pigment.

 A great coverage (yet again) with this line.

 Here are my laces I added to the design. They met up at little dots that I made in two rows up each nail. I almost added a fimo bow, but at last moment left it off.

I used striping brushes in black and two different colors of hot pink. This was a fun and flirty design that was a bit on the easy side! But I think I've had enough pink overload for one mani now lol
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