Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Sinful Color Halloween displays and mini polish haul

 Oh to work in store where we get new polishes all the time. Today was a truck day, so we got a bunch of new displays. I was mostly excited to see the Halloween displays for Sinful Colors called Take A Bite and Bewitched. These two displays had colors from the regular line, some crackle polish and nailart polishes. We are getting a huge Wet N' Wild Halloween endstand that should be up tomorrow. Here are the displays

Forgive my 5mp phone camera. This has the crackle, Irish Green, Could 9 and a red (forget the color)
This also has basic colors with a orange and red sparkle called Pumpkin Spice, not sure if that one is basic collection or not.
This is the display that got me, Muse collection from Sinful Colors. A beautiful selection of colors perfect for a deeper and darker fall look. I already own Rainstorm and Last Chance so I skipped those. I did pick up some colors new to me!

Here are the bottles I grabbed. Everything has a gray tone to them that just screams sophisticated, mature and mysterious. Can't wait to try these colors! I was a bit shocked to not see a deep red color in the collection (am I the only one shocked over this?)
Names left to right:
Jungle Trail
 In The Mist

I hope you guys enjoyed this lil update!


  1. *squawks in her excitement* Those last six are all new! So is Pumpkin Spice!

    Where do you work? I usually get my Sinful Colors polishes (favorite brand!) at Walgreens. I haven't been in in over a week, I should pop over and agonize over which ones I want to get!

    1. I work at a local Walgreens as a photo tech. So I get first dibs on a lot of new items coming out. A few sites have stopped posting SC displays due to the whole using bloggers photos crazyness. I was thinking of picking pumpkin spice up, maybe today. I'm glad you like the post, I get super excited for new colors too!