Monday, September 10, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 83

 Purple! I'm loving purple recently!  I almost went for a deep purple, but decided to go for a light lilac instead. I grabbed one of the Barielle polishes I got in the a 5pc set. With this color I decided to give the french V tip another freehand go. This one came out a little more cleaner and a bit even, but still not where I want to be with freehand tips. Oh well, practice makes perfect!
Brand: Barielle
Name: Belly Dance
pigment:a light lilac pigment
price:$9.99 5pc set
 A beautiful and calming lilac color. Not really a fall shade, but I just don't care!
 I've been enjoying these polishes! I wish they didn't cost so much online, even ebay!
 Here is my V french tip using Sinful Colors Super Nova. I wanted a metallic and gloss polish to work off of each other, and I think these colors pulled it off!
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