Saturday, September 8, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 81

New brand!!! So excited to find a new brand of polish at an amazing deal. One of my friends and I headed over to a local T.J. Maxx for her to find some new pants. Me spacing out was checking out the perfume area and stumbled upon 5pc sets of  Barielle polishes for $9.99. I am use to a lot of drug store polishes, but I was stumped to see this one. Side note, they also have some .O.P.I.  and E.L.F. products there too. So I did a quick google search and found this polish to cost anywhere from $6-8 dollars a bottles! I scooped up two sets know that this was a mega deal! I think there were four sets, I might venture back to look at the other two. But this is my first time using the polish and I have beautiful results.
Brand: Barielle
Name: Gold Digger
coats:  2
pigment: a metallic gold medium thickness polish
price:$ $9.99 5pc set

 This was a medium thickness polish with great pigment and smooth coverage. It only took me 2 coats to get fully coverage with no brush streaks with this metallic gold!

 A nice square bottle that reminds me of a taller Pure Ice bottle. I regular sized brush for easy application with a smooth black handle.

 I was a bit stumped on what to do with that nail, almost put a coat of glitter on it. But then I remembered I had a beautiful red crackle polish in my collection. So I grabbed the bottle and added the crackle effect to the already vibrant gold.

 These colors work so well together! I was so happy how the colors work off of each other, and how they remind me a bit of hot lava!  I got a few comments on the look saying it was really nice. A lot of people still don't know crackle comes in more than black now. The crackle is Pure Ice and is called Show Stopper. Also here is the Barielle website if you want to check them out, you can also download a color chart onto your phone (pdf file) overall I enjoyed my first polish by them, I have 9 more to go!
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