Monday, July 2, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 13

Day 13! Damn, this is going by quickly! Now this one I am reviewing a glitter shade, so I will post what base color I used but my focus is the glitter color.
Brand: Zoya
Name: Maisie
coats: 1
pigment: thin blue pigment with iridescence glitter
price: $7.00

 So, this is 1 of 2 bottles of Zoya polish that I own. This glitter look is so unique and I love it!
 Now this is just a quick coat over French Kiss by Pure Ice, and to make the look a little more unique I hit it with a matte finish. I love the look of matted glitter, so eye-catching!
 I must tell you, with this glitter you have to have great lighting. I tried taking photos at night without any light hitting it other than the flash, the photos came out washed out. These were taken in my living room with sunlight, and they came out WAY better
Here are the polishes I used left to right:
Zoya Maisie
Pure Ice French Kiss
NYC Matte finsh

These glitter polishes work best over darker colors. I tried using them with bright polishes, and they get lost in the hue of them. Dark is the way to go if you ever try these polishes.

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