Saturday, July 28, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 39

I had to put this polish on today! It is a sexy mix between a red and pink!  It looks like both!  I didn't do anything with the polish, I just kept it this color because I didn't want to take away from this mixed color
 Brand: Sinful Colors
Name: Dancing Nails
coats: 3
pigment:pink/red hybrid metallic pigment
price: $.99 on sale
 Looks red in this photo right? I kept looking at it under different lighting to try and figure out what color it really comes out as. I didn't figure it out
 Now look, it's pink! This color looks so beautiful.
 Now it's looking like pink and red! I love the metallic sheen to this polish too.  If you love red and pinks then this polish is for you! 
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