Monday, July 9, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 20

Back and already on day 20! I was feeling a beautiful blue color and picked out a NK bottle that I have yet to use. I think I picked this one up in NY a few weeks back. I worked with this blue and used the straw technique again! Enjoy!
Name: Light Blue
coats: 3
pigment: a creamy sky blue pigment
price:under $2.00

 This blue comes out so smooth and creamy, a true sky blue if you ask me. The coverage was wonderful and the pigment is true to the bottle color. I'm liking NK polish more and more!!
 I took a straw to the polish to add a bit of fun
 Used a beautiful green for Confetti polish line

I forgot to take a photo of the darker blue polish but it was a Pure Ice polish. I also used another NK color to add 3 playful rings onto of the basecoat. Got a few compliments on them ^_^

Polishes used:
NK Light Blue
NK Orange
Pure Ice French Kiss
Confetti Green With Envy

I forgot to snap a photo of all the polishes, please forgive me. I did this the night before we left to I was still kinda packing up for the trip. I have used a few NK polishes and have just grown to like them so much! My only problem is finding places that sell the polish! 
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