Wednesday, July 18, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 29

Hello again everyone! Day 29 already! Almost a full month of fun designs, it's going by fast! I'm having so much fun trying a new color everyday and trying out new designs as well. Now onto today's mani, once again I have the problem of not wanting to take this design off, I am in love with it. This design came out so awesome, and the bright and dark blues just mixed so well!
Brand:Sally Hansen
Name:Navy Baby
pigment:a deep navy blue
price: $1.49
 Here is my new deep dark blue. Now without the flash it does trick the eye into looking like black. I wanted people to see this blue at work
 I'm loving this line of polish, some gorgeous colors and fantastic application
 So I did a half moon mani with Mirror Mirror from Funky Fingers. It looks like a sheer metallic blue onto of Navy Bay. But it really is a glitter blue, I was so so happy at how this mani turned out. You can see both blues at work and how amazingly they compliment each other!


 As you can see I used my hole punch protectors again, and it came out cleaner than my last half moon mani.
Colors left to right:
Mirror Mirror
Navy Baby

I hit this with a fast dry top coat by Poshe. This is such a fun mani, I was really shocked at how well the colors worked together. I might need to pick up more Funky Finger sparkle polishes, I'm falling in love with all the colors I've used from them so far. Have you used Funky Finger polish? Love it, hate it, don't care for sparkle polish? 
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