Sunday, July 29, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 40

I was feeling purple, and sparkles. Then I put this polish on, and felt annoyed and disappointed.  This polish dries jelly, and after 3 coats it was still sheer. I gave up on coat three, anymore and it would take forever to dry. Lesson learned, white base before anything like this.
 Brand: Spoiled
Name: Checkin' Into Rehab
coats: 3
pigment:a very thin purple and glitter pigment
price: $1.99
 This is without flash, you can see it is so sheer! I think 5 coats would have finally covered it all, but that is a bit to much polish
 Here it is with the flash, you can see the wonderful sparkles and my nails underneath...disappointing
Overall the polish is cute, but it needs a better and thicker pigment. This polish had such potential, but fell flat.  Myabe I'll give this polish another go after the challenge with a white base :(
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