Monday, July 9, 2012

Vermont nail haul! (yes, I did type Vermont!)

 Hey everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend, I know I did enjoy my time in Burlington Vermont for a 3 day weekend. I return relaxed and with 16 new bottles of pure polish awesomeness! I must give a huge thanks to my fiancee for stopping into a liquidation warehouse, I got a sick haul at an amazing price for each bottle! Shall we?

So we went on a weekend adventure in Burlington Vermont. We hit up local tours, food and beer. On our first day there we dropped our bags off, grabbed a bite to eat then went off and explored the main road that our hotel was on. Now they have a drug store called Kinny's that we stopped in. Right at the entrance was a bunch of clearance baskets! I grabbed an Sally Hansen Insta-dri color (most of the other polishes I already own) then checked out their other polish selections. Very average and ho-hum beauty product selections.
I turned a corner and found a very full L.A. Colors makeup display! I grabbed a strengthening polish and 3 very beautiful bright bottles for the Color Craze line.

After that we headed further down the road, almost turned around but kept driving further down the road (to be rebels!) Well my fiancee pointed out a liquidation building and said we should check it out. Now when I heard liquidation I think lumber yard (leave me be, I grew up in New Hampshire!) I didn't go in and stayed in the car. He came back and said I missed out on a great nail polish selection, I thought he was playing a trick. Well he wasn't! I went in and found an amazing selection of nail polish, eyeshadows and lip products all marked at jaw dropping prices!!! I picked up all my bottles of polish for an unbelievable $0.99 each, I kid you not. I also Picked up Sally Hansen Gel Perfect kits for $1.99 each!!   
 They did had 3 packs of SH Salon polish, but I wasn't crazy about the polish colors in the packs. So here is my Vermont haul, enjoy the savings! Also I am curious to check out my local area to see if there are any liquidation warehouses around where I live, I encourage you to look as well!

 L.A. Colors fro left to right:
nail treatment
 I also picked up a few WNW colors I didn't have. From left to right:
Rain Check
Tickled Pink
Wild Card
Blue Glitz

 One polish bottle didn't have a label, but I knew what it was:
Diamond Strength
Whirlwind White
Mermaid Lagoon (love this color!)
I was blown away to get an Essie polish for $0.99!!!
Sugar Daddy
Silver Sparkle 
Pink Carat
Precious Coral

Finally the Gel Perfect sets! Both sets came with everything, and both had coupons to save money on more Gel Perfect bottles. I might save doing these for later in my nail adventure. I must say, the instructions are long and you have to do 3 steps two times. But I have to try it at least once, a non-UV Gel/shellac at that price, why not give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed this amazing (and very unexpected) haul ! See everyone tomorrow and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and LIKE my page on facebook !

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