Monday, July 30, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 41

Hello everyone! I have a beautiful blue polish today, and some angry black lack luster black. As you know I have been searching for a crackle polish to have a unique crackle look. Well unfortunately this crackle polish was a total bust, and killed the beautiful blue polish that it covered instead of complimented
 Brand: Sinful Colors
Name:Ocean Blue
coats: 3
pigment:a beautiful tropical sky blue
price: $.99 on sale
 A beautiful creamy blue polish
 Picked this up last week when the polish was on sale, I think this is a limited edition color
 Now for the sad part, my lack luster crackle polish
 The polish was dry, I tried thin and thick coats, all I got was streaks
The best one that came out was my thumb, and the crackle dried with a matte look. Needless to say I love the blue, and might be throwing away soon because I had no luck with it. Has anyone else had a problem with crackle polish of any brand?
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  1. Your base polish has to be really, really, REALLY dry in order for the shatter/crackle to work. I find that the crackle/shatter works best when I put it on the day after I do the base coat. It is my trick for giving a new look to polish after tip wear or minor chipping.

  2. I've never had this result before. I've tried Sally Hansen, Pure Ice and Sinful Colors and Salon Perfect crackles. I have tried a few more crackle polishes and have only run into trouble with metallic/glitter and that Sinful Colors polish. I just just disappointed to see the crackle smear over the nail instead of creating the distressed look it was design to achieve.