Tuesday, July 17, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 28

Hello everyone! Man is it hot outside today, glad I'm inside with the AC blasting! I hope everyone is staying cool! Now onto a cool color, gray. Yes, I couldn't stay away from this creamy smooth gray from Loreal. I tried doing a glitter overlay, and found that it was a bit hard to keep the clear coat from slobbering all over my nails, oh you'll see 

Name: Cockatoos Mystery
pigment:a smooth gray pigment
price: $2.00
 Is it odd to love this color? No, it is so beautiful! Such a smooth application and beautiful pigment, don;t hate it till you wear it!
 Again, I have fallen in love with Loreal polishes, and this might be my top color
 Now onto the part of anger. I wanted to add multi colored sparkles, so I reached for my Spoiled Shuffle the deck. I put 3 coats on, and tried to keep the clear coat to a minimum, but it really didn't help. The sparkles went all over my nail, and I had to try to fill in empty spots. Look at my index finger, looks like a dog drooled on it! Nope, just the layers of top coat.
 This could have been a super playful mani!! I learned my lesson, pick a better glitter to go over such a lovely color, and make sure it doesn't end up looking like drool. I do like to glitter color combo, just not the mess it left on my nails.  Has anyone else run into this problem with glitters before? Tell me if you have, because I know this hasn't been a first time glitter disaster for my nails.
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