Monday, July 16, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 27

I was feeling glitter today! So I decided to try out my Milani one coat glitter, and well it took more than one coat to cover the nail (not really shocked) the shocking part was that the polish dried a rough matte look. I put a top coat on it, but it dried rough still. I'll hit it with another top coat just to see if it changes the texture. I must say, this polish dries FAST! So two pros against one con, all polishes can't be perfect
Name:Purple Gleam
pigment:black and purple glitter
price: $4.99

 only a few photos for the glitter polish. I've used Milani 3D holo polish before, and now the one coat glitter. Such a different texture.
Over all I really love the color of this polish. It did take me two coats of polish to get full coverage, but it's better than putting a ton of layers on. Like I said the polish dried very fast, but left a grainy texture from the glitter. I did put a 2nd top coat and it did smooth it out a little more.
I have one other bottle of this polish, so I might have to see how that one is when it dries. It looks like I put a black base with a purple top coat, that effect looks very cool. Other than that, I am not really impressed with this line :(
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