Thursday, July 12, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 23

Hey everyone! I was feeling like doing a bit of a dark and metallic color today. I know I've been rocking a ton of bright playful colors, so I wanted to dim it down for a day. I found a wonderful metallic blueish-green metallic polish that I forgot I had, so I chose it today!
Brand: Pure Ice
Name: 311CP
pigment: a metallic blueish-green with an almost purple under-shine
price: $1.98

 This color is green in the photo, but in person it has a blueish tone to it too. I've been trying to get away from metallics (loved them as a kid) but I don't mind rocking them now and again

 Pure Ice, no name on this bottle just a polish number :(
 I did a freehand french tip
Reminded me of the the Dark Phoenix from X-Men or even Green Lantern. I'll call these my super hero nails. I love the mix of both metallic colors complimenting each other and not out-doing one another. The Loreal color I used is called Valiant. I picked this up at my work on clearance, they don't have white caps anymore for their polishes. Also, Ocean State Job Lots (East Coast only I've been told) has been getting shipments of Loreal polishes in and are selling them for $2.00! They also have an online coupon that makes them $1.25 each (limit 4) I picked up a few today. I'll do an update after work tonight.
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