Saturday, July 14, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 25

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the late post, but better now than never!! Today I was feeling one of the new bottles that I picked up. Now this color says it's a blue, but I swear it looks indigo. I found the perfect design to do this color justice!
Brand: Sally Hansen
Name: Thinking Of Blue
coats: 2
pigment:a an indigo-blue color with a wonderful deep pigment
price: $ 1.49

 Love this line of polish. It goes on so smoothly and has wonderful color pigment that finishes glossy. This color is an indigo (like I said) but also does look blue, it's a hybrid color
 I'm guessing this color is discontinued because I found it in a Job Lots. A beautiful hidden treasure!
 I wanted to add more sparkles like I did with yesterday's design, so I paired it with another Funky Fingers polish to make it pop! I also used tape to make this mani happen.
Here is the bottle of Funky Fingers, and the color is called Pixy Dust. I love how to green and the indigo just work so well together. I know it sounds odd, but sometimes it's hard to find a good nail color combo that works well.  Different shades of different colors, sometimes just don't mix well
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