Tuesday, July 3, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 15

Happy 4th of July everyone! Now I used 3 colors in 3 different designs to show off some American nails! Now I did use Gold instead of white, I wanted it to really pop!
Brand: Miliani, Spoiled and Sally Hansen
Name: Ruby Jewels, Your Fly's Down and Golden-I
price: $1.99- $4.79

Now I picked up a fabulous red that reminded me of ruby red slippers and the deep metallic blue. I've had to gold for some time and I must say I do this color too, so why not try and create a fun holiday look, shall we?

 So first I tried a tape mani, like a firework on one finger.
 Used the SH gold, so pretty!
 Then I tried putting a layer of the Spoiled blue, it looked ok but my technique needs work

 Eat your heart out Dorthy
 Then I tried another tape mani with altering tips and sparkles, I though it was cute but a lot going on.
 My final design, altering colors with a row of stars down the ring finger. I though it was simple and adorable.
I hit them all with a top coat and called it a day. I always forget I have rhinestones, fimo and art pieces for my nails, I have to use them more often, I have a ton! I hope you enjoyed my design. All polishes are amazing, loved all these colors on my mani's! Be safe this holiday everyone


  1. the third to last photo with the alternating blue and gold tips on the red nails, thats my favorite. that's the one that reminds me of Wonder Woman hahaha

  2. It totally reminded me of Wonder Woman too!!