Thursday, July 19, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 30

wow! We are already at day 30!  It's going by so quickly! Yesterday was filled with thunderstorms and dark skies, so I went with a two toned blue look on my nails. Now, I have discussed with my fiancee and have decided to lay off buying more nail polish. I own over 400 bottles of polish, and really have all the colors I want. Only exception is limited edition and new release colors. Talking about limited release colors, I used one from Loreal's Long Fall collection, shall we? 
Name: Rainy Piccadilly
pigment:a deep teal creamy color
price: $ 2.99 with coupon
 I saw this limited edition London Fall ccollection and had to have a few of the colors from it, this being one of them. This deep teal was calling my name, I couldn't resist.
  I love how this color came out, so deep and dark. Great for the upcoming fall season, but great now for the stormy weather we had yesterday.

 I did a sideways tape main across the nail with a brighter blue to play off the dark and sunny skies we were having yesterday. This was another Loreal color that called my name.
 Looking at this, I shouls have hit it with a sparkle coat, but I'm happy how it came out. The lighter blue is called Jet Set To Paris and is part of the regular collection if I do recall. A bright sky blue with a smooth application. Did I mention I love Loreal's thin application brushes? A good break from some of the thicker one from Wet and Wild and Sally Hansen. 
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