Monday, July 2, 2012

small haul of the day!

So, I'm back from work and I can finally post my small haul I had today. I had some free time today so I walked down to Davis Square to hit up CVS (got my extra care bucks!) Family Dollar and Rite Aid! Shall we see my new additions? YES!

 First store I hit was CVS, and being a former employee I have 2 extra care cards. I cashed in one of them the other day and got my extra care bucks for the other card today, a total of $4.50! So I picked up two new Spoiled Colors. A nice deep metallic blue and a sparkle red/black color. I'm such a fan of this line and the great colors they have, I hope they release new colors soon.
Well with the extra care bucks I paid only $.50 for two bottles of polish and a bottle of yummy coconut water (oh so good!) 
After CVS I hit up Family Dollar to a great surprise! My local Family Dollar finally got a new display with a ton of LA Colors and Sally Hansen polishes! I had to calm myself down and not grab to many of them all at once. I mean, they sell them for $1.00 and it adds up after 8 or 9 bottles. I originally had 8 bottles but ended up only grabbing 4 because some of the colors I grabbed would just be copies of other colors I had by different brands. I hope to stop in again in a few weeks to see if there was anything I missed. I must say it was extremely unorganized, but there were only 2 clerks on and it looks like they were unloading product, so they are excused for this visit.
Also while I was there I picked up a nail polish remover pump. I've been wanting one and I finally found one in stores that wouldn't cost me $8.00, just a simple $2.75!

After that I hit Rite Aid, where I found more of the NYC fast drying top coat so I grabbed another bottle. Am I the only one that has been having a hard time picking this up? A rare find for me, and I love how low cost and effective the product is! Now to the shinny shinny photo!

From left to right:
LAC Treasure Island
LAC Glistening Purple
LAC Splendid 
LAC Aqua Crystals
Spoiled Your Fly's Down
Spoiled Ants In My Pants
NYC quick dry top coat

I hope you call enjoyed my mini haul!

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