Tuesday, July 10, 2012

365 polish for a year challenge: day 21

 Hello everyone! This challenge can legally drink! Day 21 already, it has been flying! I decided to use one of the Loreal colors I picked up in Vermont. I went with the coral today because I've never really rocked a coral color and I know it's so big this summer season. Shall we?
Brand: Loreal
Name:  Precious Coral
pigment: a creamy coral pigment
price: $.99

 I was shocked at how beautiful this color looked on my nails. I did 3 coats of the polish and almost didn't do anything else with it.
 I'm starting to adore this line of polish. It has a ton of beautiful colors, a nice application brush and a smooth and pigmented polish. I think I've avoided this line due to some of the prices.
 I did end up making a semi-sunset look. I took a nail art brush and made a semi-fading yellow into the coral color. I really really love how this came out! Almost added some sparkles, but held off.
I also call it a ketchup and mustard look! I thought the combo came out beautifully. Got a few compliments on this look, and it was super easy! I need to use this technique on more nail designs. I think I say that with every technique I've used lol
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